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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sim te yon sitwayen Ameriken, mwen tap vote Obama pou rezon sa yo!


Zanmi m yo,

Men pozisyon pesonel mwen sou eleksyon Amerikenn yo. Le m konsidere lwa sou Sante a ak enpotans li genyen sou lavi moun. Si m te yon sitwayen Ameriken mwen tap vote pou Prezidan Barak Obama.

 Le m konprann kijan pwoblem imigrasyon an konpleks e li seten Repibliken pap ede milyon ki san papye yo paske yo pat ede menm ansyen Prezidan George W. Bush ladan l. Mwen tap vote pou Prezidan Obama.

Se tout moun ki pou mete ansanm pou ekonomi an repati tout bon, si n kite tout gwo Konpayi fe bankwopsi tout malere yo tap pedi travay ak benefis yo. Nou konnen Obama pat kite sa rive. Pou sa mwen tap vote pou Obama.

Le m konnen koman kolej koute che isit, pou amoti pwa a, administrasyon Obama a bay plis ed pou peye kolej epi redwi entere sou lonn kolej yo. Pou sa mwen tap vote pou Obama.

Le m sonje kantite solda ki tap mouri chak jou nan peyi Irak. Obama mennen solda yo retounen epi kite Irakyen pou dirije tet yo…Pou sa mwen tap vote Obama.

Le m gade konbyen fwa Repiblen yo di non, pou tout bagay nan Congres a, mwen panse yo pap fe anyen pou soulaje moun ki nan klas mweyenn nan. Pou sa mwen kwe Obama pi konprann sa moun ki nan nivo sa a ap pran, mwen tap vote pou Obama.

Geynen kote mwen pa dako ak li men yo minim konpare ak konbyen fwa mwen pa dako ak Gov. Romney.

Mwen kwe si Obama eli pou yonn lot manda lap fe plis efo pou l travay ak yo paske l pap bezwen yon lot manda.

Mwen pa kwe Romney konprann doule moun ki nan nesesite pou peye Kolej, pa ekzanp le l di pou etidyan mande paran yo prete lajan pou peye kolej.

Mwen envite w al vote, si w santi, sa m di yo touché w vote pou mwen tou paske mwen paka!

Swiv mwen  sou twitter @Jwislysimon

Jean-Wisly Simon

English translation by JWS

My friends,

Here is my personal opinion on the presidential election. When I consider the importance of the Health care Law passed by Congress under Obama’s watch, and its importance on our lives, if I were an American citizen I would vote for President Obama.

When I know the complexity of the immigration issue in America, the GOP did not even want to help former President Bush solved that problem. I would vote for President Obama.

When it comes to the economic recovery, everyone has a role to play. We could not let all the big companies file for bankruptcy as Gov. Romney had suggested. If President Obama had let that happened, we know the companies would get more profits by laying off most or all of their employees and the employees would lose all of their benefits. For his leadership in saving the auto industry, I would vote for President Obama.

When I know how expensive College is these days, to help,  the Obama’s administration decided to lower student’s interest and gave more grant to those who are qualified. If I were able to vote, I would vote for Obama. On that issue, Gov. Romney had suggested students should borrow money from their parents!

When I remember the Iraq war and the number of soldiers killed every day. If I were an American, I would vote for President Obama who brought the troops home safely and let Iraqis with their country.

When I saw how many times the GOP Congress voted NO in Congress, I think they do not understand the middle class calamities but special interests. If I were an American, I would vote for Obama who seems to have a better understanding of the middle class.

I think that President Obama could put politic aside to work with the GOP if he got a second term…

There are times, I disagree with this administration. But those disagreements are small compare to my disagreements with the GOP AND Gov. Romney’s agenda. For instance, ask illegal immigrants to self deport while they have children born here…or deport their children who came here as infant or toddlers without committing any crimes of their own.

I invite/encourage you to vote. If you feel what I said touch you, please vote for me too, since I cannot!


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